Ox 45 - We started the leather pants revival, baby!
It's been fun, but now we're done.

Ox 45 was: Matt Schiffbauer - vocals, guitar
Ed Cupp - guitar
Nick Rider - bass
Matt Hanzes - drums

E-mail: ox45@nme.com

Last updated on August 20, 2000.

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We played our last show tonight at a packed Club Odyssey. I'd like to personally thank everyone who came out and saw us at our last gig. It means a lot to me and the rest of the band.

I'd also like to thank Dangerous Willie, Odds 'n' Ends, Flatline, Daygo, Endless Happy Hour, and Last Ones Picked for the excellent support, and for DJ Dewmeister for the great job running sound.

An extra special thanks goes out to our four biggest fans, Chris Ryan, Joe Holp, Jeff "Spanky" Allen, and Terry Miller for being kick-ass motherfuckers and always supporting us no matter what.

It was definately our best show ever (yes, even topping our 1st Matrix show, Coffee on Crawford, and our 1st Highland House show), so if you missed it, you are one sorry bastard. : )

There was a HUGE mosh pit (the biggest one ever at one of our shows), and big ups to anyone who had the balls to go in it.

Here's the set list:

Me and the Devil
Standin' Alone
Summer Girls
I Don't Know
Chick Magnet
Summer it the Place That We Call Home
Razorblade Girl
Stand By Me
Bro Hymn
Rockin' In the Free World (encore)

Thanks for letting us entertain you for the past year, and thanks for coming to the gigs and learning the words to our songs.

Again, thanks to EVERYONE who's ever come to our shows, if I could thank all of you on here, I would, but that would take all fucking night and I'd be afraid I'd leave someone out.

Even though the band's broken up, I'm still going to update this page with news on our new band (featuring myself, Ed Cupp, Matt Schiffbauer, Cory Paulo, and Chris Halo), and whatever else I feel like writing about.

Sign Ox 45's fashionable guestbook, and let the kids know what you think!

Golf at Greengarden Mini Golf in Hopwood!!!!!!!!


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